Our modern Aggregate Engineering Laboratory is equipped to perform highest standard testing as required by Engineers, Crusher Plant & Industry, and testing includes but is not limited to:

  • Full Compliance Testing of Aggregate for use in Asphalt Designs
  • Performance Grade (PG) Testing of Binder for use in Asphalt Designs
  • All types of Asphalt Designs
  • Slurry Designs
  • Modified Lottman (Durability)
  • Air Perm @ 7% Voids
  • Gyratory (Workability)
  • Hamburg Wheel Tracking
  • Dynamic Creep
  • MMLS
  • Stability & Flow
  • ITS
  • Immersion Index
  • Binder Content & Grading
  • MVD (Rice)
  • Schellenberg Drainage
  • Cantabro Abrasion
  • Falling Head Water Permeability
  • CAT scans on Asphalt Specimens
  • Dynamic Modulus (Stiffness)
  • Four Point Bending Beam Fatigue
  • Corelok Densities

All laboratory testing operations are overseen by our highly-experienced managers. They are also our Specialised Laboratory SANAS Technical Signatories. We understand the importance of all construction-related, time-sensitive work and requirements from the civil engineering field.


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