Our highly-advanced Bitumen Engineering Laboratory is driven mainly by modern Anton Paar equipment to perform highest standard testing as required by Engineers, Bitumen Suppliers and Industry, and testing includes but is not limited to:

  • PSV (Polished Stone Value)
  • mEGDI (Modified Ethylene Glycol Durability Index)
  • Complete S406 Spoornet (Ballast Stone)
  • ACV (Dry & Wet & Ethylene Glycol)
  • 10% FACT (Dry & Wet & Ethylene Glycol)
  • Flakiness Index
  • Aggregate Impact Value
  • Treton Value
  • Bulk Density of aggregate and Sand (Loose & Compacted)
  • Loose and Rodded Unit Weights
  • Riedel & Weber Test
  • Soluble Deleterious Materials
  • Relative Density & Water Absorption (+5mm)
  • Relative Density & Water Absorption (-5mm)
  • Average Least Dimension (ALD)
  • Sand Equivalent
  • Apparent Relative Density
  • Ethylene Glycol Durability
  • LA Abrasion
  • Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates
  • Drying Shrinkage & Expansion
  • Mill Abrasion
  • Fine Aggregate Angularity
  • Concrete Mix Designs
  • Water Demand
  • Clay Lumps & Friable Particles
  • Fractured Faces

All laboratory testing operations are overseen by our highly-experienced managers. They are also our Specialised Laboratory SANAS Technical Signatories. We understand the importance of all construction-related, time-sensitive work and requirements from the civil engineering field.


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